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What is the bar type TFT LCD display?

1、Bar-type LCD  display wide application 

Bar-type LCD  display has been widely used in a variety of scenarios in our life. Some common areas such as airport, subway, bus and other public transportation systems, multimedia teaching, campus studio and other teaching areas, exhibition centers, multi-functional exhibition halls and other exhibition areas, shopping malls, restaurants, entertainment places and other commercial areas.

2、Bar-type LCD display with high stability 

Bar-type LCD display is generally given more considerations for the environment, such as the public transportation system, it need seismic resistance, high temperature resistance. Therefore, Bar-type LCD display need very good reliability and stability. Bar-type LCD display generally uses more robust and durable glass substrate, adding the fixed structure in the backlight module, so as to achieve seismic effect. Then the Bar-type LCD display has the reliability of the industrial LCD display , to meet the needs of working in a variety of harsh environments.

3、Bar-type LCD display is highly efficient and energy saving

Bar-type LCD display generally uses aluminum substrate, so that the heat dissipation performance is better, can slow down the light attenuation of LED backlight.To make the overall influence of the backlight on the LCM minimized, so as to achieve high efficiency, energy saving and increase the using life. At the same time, it can also make the overall module of the product lighter and thinner.

4、Bar-type LCD display has excellent dynamic performance

When the Bar-type LCD display is used in commercial places, or the enterprise exhibition hall, it needs the screen to have a more excellent dynamic performance, and high-definition color display . At this point, we need to equip the Bar-type LCD display with IPS full view display module, so that the Bar-type LCD display can have ultra high dynamic performance, wider display  angle, higher resolution and display contrast, more saturated color display , and faster response time. Thus improving the overall visual performance of dynamic images.

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Post time: May-24-2024