(1)Are you trading company or manufacturer ?

Disen is the manufacturer with professional assembly production lines.We have standard 0.96-32 inch display panels,touch screen panels,PCB board and accessory parts,with the whole set solutions can support,our factory with total around 200 staff.

All of your OEM,ODM and sample orders are highly appreciated.

(2)What is your company products’ range?

We are more than 10 years of experiences manufacturing TFT LCD and touch screen.

►0.96" to 32" TFT LCD Module;

►High brightness LCD panel custom,some parts of products brightness can up to 1000 to 2000nits;

►Bar type LCD screen up to 48 inch;

►Capacitive touch screen up to 65";

►4 wire 5 wire resistive touch screen;

►One-step solution TFT LCD assemble with touch screen.

(3)Do you provide OEM/ODM service?

Yes.We are the  manufacturer with professional assembly production lines.We have standard 3.5-55 inch display panels,touch screen panels and accessory parts.All of your OEM,ODM and sample orders are highly appreciated.

(4)What is the working hours of your company?

Normally,we will start working Beijing time at 9:00am to 18:00pm,but we can cooperate customers working time and follow customers time too if needed.


(1)What certifications have you passed?

We have got the quality ISO9001 and environment ISO14001 and automobile quality IATF16949 and medical device ISO13485 certificated.


(2)What environmental protection indicators have your products passed?

We have got the certification of REACH,ROHS,CE,UL and so on.

(3)What patents and intellectual property rights do your products have?

Our factory have got many invention patents and utility model patents of LCD industry,when you visit our factory you can see them in our exhibition room in our facctory,welcome to visit our factory!


(1)What is your purchasing system?

Our procurement system adopts the 5R principle to ensure the “right quality” from the “right supplier” with “right quantity” of materials at the “right time” with “right price” to maintain normal production and sales activities.At the same time,we strive to reduce production and marketing costs to achieve our procurement and supply goals:close relationships with suppliers, ensure and maintain supply,reduce procurement costs,and ensure procurement quality.

(2)Who are your suppliers?




Driver board IC:FTDI FT812/AMT630A/AMT630M

(3)What are your standards of suppliers?

We attach great importance to the quality,scale and reputation of our suppliers.We firmly believe that a long-term cooperative relationship will definitely bring long-term benefits to both parties.


(1)What testing equipment do you have?

Water drop angle tester,Differential interference microscope,BM-7A brightness tester,Pressure tester,Metallographic microscope,Dust particle tester,Quadratic element tester,AOI,CA-210 brightness tester,Electric tensile tester,Electrostatic tension tester,High temperature and humidity tester.


(2)2-What is your quality control process?

We control by the Quality by Control Plan in our factory.

(3)How about the traceability of your products?

We printing the date code on the backside of products.According to the date code we can track the corresponding batch of the products.then we can know what parameters we used on the batch,and what batch of incoming materials that we used.

(4)Can you supply the relevant documentation?

We have our own Control plan,Inspection Standard,Standard operating procedure for quality control.

(5)How long is the warranty and what is your after-sales service?

Usually 12 Months.

If there is any defected within 12months from receiving products,please contact our sales, we will respond within 24hours. If we require any product to be returned to us, the shipping cost will be fully paid by us.

(6)What is covered under warranty and for how long?

All products are covered under our limited warranty,which provides all products are free of functional defects for a period of one year from the date of shipment and all products are free of visual defects and missing parts for a period of 30 days from the date of shipment.If a product was damaged during shipping or the order is incorrect,you must notify us within 7 days of receipt.

(7)How do you guarantee quality?

We pass ISO900,ISO14001 and TS16949 certificates.Strict quality control Inspection is done in FOG==>LCM==>LCM+ RTP/CTP==> production online inspection ==>QC inspection==>aging test 4 hours with load in 60 ℃  special room  (as option)==>OQC

(8)How long is the warranty and what is your after-sales service?

Usually 12 Months.


(9)How can you guarantee stable supply?

1)We have very good source.We always check and choose the most stable supply LCD panel in the beginning.

2)When EOL happens,usually we will get notification from original manufacturer 3-6 months in advance.We prepare another LCD brand solution as replacement for you or recommend you to do last buy if your annual quantity is small or even tool up a new LCD panel if your annual quantity is big.


(1)What are the acceptable payment methods for your company?

30% T/T deposit,70% T/T balance payment before shipment.

More payment methods depend on your order quantity,we are expecting to have a long terms cooperation with you.


(1)Which markets are your products suitable for?

Our products can be suitable for widely all kinds of applicaiton,such as consumer electronics,smart home,portable device,broadcast,white house,industrial,medical and automative applition and so on.

(2)How do your guests find your company?

Normally,we are known from our other customer introduction or supplier partner introduction,and some friend introduction;in addition,we have our offical website and we have Google and other network promotion.

(3)What countries and regions have your products been exported to?

In general,our products are very popular in America,Turkey,Italy,Germany,Spain,South Korea,Japan, etc,so we have many customers in thouse countries.

(4)Does your company participate in the exhibition?What are they?

will normally participate in the exhibition,such as those in Germany,the United States and China for all kinds electronics exhibition or industrial smart display exhibition all around the world,but due to the impact of the epidemic,they have not participated in the exhibition for the time being.


(5)What do you do in dealer development and management?

We strictly control customer CRM system management.Specific project development needs to be reported to the terminal customer for project information registration and unified management. The number of dealers in each region or country is controlled within 3.

2.R&D and DESIGN

(1)1-How is your R&D capacity?

Our R&D department has a total of 16 personnel,10 in factory and 6 in office,we have RD director,electronic engineer,mechanical engineer,they are from the top ten display company with nearly 10years work experience.Our flexible R&D mechanism and excellent strength can satisfy customers’ requirements.

(2)What is the development idea of your products?

We have a rigorous process of our product development:

Product idea and selection

Product concept and evaluation

Product definition and project plan

Design, research and development

Product testing and verification

Put on the market

(3)Can I have my own silk screen Logo,Part Number or small label? 

Yes,Definitely. It may requires MOQ,please refer to our sales, thanks.

(4)How often is your products list updating?

Normally,we will update our products list in one quarter and we will share our new products to our each customer.


(5)How long your molding development will take?

Normally,it will take around 3-4weeks for the standard products,if for the special products,it will take 4-5weeks.

(6)Do you have molding fees?How much is it?Can you return it?How to return it?

Yes,for the highly customize products,we will have tooling charge per set,but the tooling charge can be refunded to our customers if their placing orders up to 30K or 50K,it will depend on different project too.

(7)How are your products structured?What are the main raw materials?

Our products main material are LCD glass,IC,POL,FPC,B\L,TP+air bonding or full lamination.

(8)What are the differences of your products among peers/competitors?

Our products are all with stable reliability,high cost performance,widely products categories and customzation support are available.

(9)Can you identify your own products?

Yes,of course,because each products will have our DISEN label with our logo.


(1)How long does your company mold work normally?How often they should be maintained?

The service life of the injection mold is 80W times,and the maintenance is once every 10W times;

The service life of the metal mold is 100W times,and the maintenance is once every 10W times.

(2)What is your production process?

Glass cutting→cleaning→patch→COG→FOG→assembly BL→TP bonding→fullly inspection before shipment.

(3)How long does your standard product delivery date take?

Normally,only for LCM should take 4weeks,but for LCM+TP should take 5weeks.

(4)Do you have any MOQ limit?

For consumer industry,MOQ is 3K/LOT,for industrial application,small quantity order is also welcome,MOQ for OEM/ODM and Stock have shown in Basic Info. of each product.

(5)What is your total production capacity?

It is 600K/M only for LCD,300K/M for LCD with touch panel full lamination,300K/M for LCD with touch panel air bonding.

(6)What is the area of your factory?How many total people?How much is the annual output value?

Our factory covers an area of 5000 square meters,with more than 200 workers and the annual output value of 350 million yuan.


(1)Do you guarantee safe and reliable delivery of products?

Yes,we always use high-quality packaging for shipping.We also use special dangerous packaging for dangerous goods,and certified refrigerated shippers for temperature-sensitive goods.Specialized packaging and non-standard packaging requirements may incur additional costs.

(2)How about the shipping fees?

The shipping cost depends on the way you choose to get the goods.Express is normally the quickest but also most expensive way.By sea freight is the best solution for big amounts. Exactly freight rates we can only give you if we know the details of amount,weight and way.


(1)How long is the life circle of your products?

Normally,it is about 5W hours.

(2)What are the specific classifications of your products?

Our products can be classified to consumer electronics,smart home,portable device,broadcast,white house,industrial,medical and automative applition and so on.

(3)Is there a possibility to increase the brightness of the display?

4-Yes,of course,please share us more details about the project requirements,and we can recommend a Solution and Customized high brightness backlight for you. And make it sunlight readable.


(1)What online communication tools does you have?

Our company's online communication tools include Tel, Email, Whatsapp, Messenger, Skype, LinkedIn, WeChat and QQ.

(2)What is your complaint hotline and email address?

If you have any unsatisfaction,please send your question to hotlines@disenelec.com.

We will contact you within 24 hours,thank you very much for your tolerance and trust.


(1)What is your company's specific development history?

All the details can be seen in our company profile,you can contact with us to get it and learn more about our company power and advantages.

(2)What was the annual turnover of your company last year? What is the proportion of domestic sales and export sales respectively? What is the sales target plan for this year?

It is about 6000W RMB,there are 35% for domestic sales,65% for export sales,and the sales target this year is 100 million RMB.We are dedicated to give best support and service our each customers.

(3)What office systems does your company have?

In our company,we have ERP/CRM/MES system.

(4)What performance evaluations does your sales department have?

Normally,it is included in four parts,achievement rate of sales target at the end of the month,

achieving rate of new customer development,accounts receivable and inventory management.

(5)How does your company keep confidential the information of customers?

In our company,for the key customer names and project details the authority is only for the company's core management personnel,we will use a internal code stand for customer name in our company.