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10.1 inch Customized HDMI board

10.1 inch Customized HDMI board

Short Description:

►Module No.:DSXS101A-HDMI-001
►Display Mode:Normally Black

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DSXS101A-HDMI-001 is a 10.1inch normally black display mode,it applies to 10.1” HDMI board.The 10.1inch HDMI board is designed for white house,smart home,industrial equipment device and other electronic products which require high quality flat panel displays,excellent visual effect.This module follows RoHS.


1.Brightness can be customized,brightness can be up to 1000nits.

2.Interface can be customized,Interfaces TTL RGB,MIPI, LVDS,SPI,eDP is available.

3.Display’s view angle can be customized,full angle and partial view angle is available.

4.Touch Panel can be customized,our LCD display can be with custom resistive touch and capacitive touch panel.

5.PCB Board solution can customized,our LCD display can support with controller board with HDMI,VGA interface.

6.Special share LCD can be customized,such as bar,square and round LCD display can be customized or any other special shaped display is available to custom.


Item Standard Values
Size 10.1inch
Resolution 1280x800
Outline Dimension 229.46(W) x149.1(H)x4.5(D)mm
Display area 216.96(W)×135.6(H)mm
Display mode Normally black
Pixel Configuration R.G.B.-Stripe
Interface HDMI
LED Numbers 45LEDs
Operating Temperature ’-20 ~ +70℃
Storage Temperature ’-30 ~ +80℃
1. Resistive touch panel/capacitive touchscreen/demo board are available
2. Air bonding & optical bonding are acceptable




Pin Signal Description
1 TMDS Data 2+ TMDS Transition differential signal 2+
2 TMDS Data2 Sh Data2 Shielding ground
3 TMDS Data 2- TMDS Transition differential signal 2-
4 TMDS Data 1+ TMDS Transition differential signal 1+
5 TMDS Data1 Sh Data1 Shielding ground
6 TMDS Data 1- TMDS Transition differential signal 1-
7 TMDS Data 0+ TMDS Transition differential signal 0+
8 TMDS Data 0 S Data0 Shielding ground
9 TMDS Data 0- TMDS Transition differential signal 0-
10 TMDS Clock+ TMDS Transition differential signal Clock+
11 TMDS Clock Sh Clo6ck Shielding ground
12 TMDS Clock- TMDS Transition differential signal Clock-
13 CEC Electronic protocol CEC
14 NC NC
15 SCL I2C   Clock Line
16 SDA I2C    DATA Line
17 DDC/CEC GND Data display channel
18 +5V +5V    Power
19 Hot Plug Detec Hot Plug Detec


Pin Signal Description
KEY1 MENU Popup menu KEY


No. Symbol Description
1 NC No connection
2-3 VDD(3 3V) Power Supply
4 NC No connection
5 RESET(NC) No connection
6 STBYB(NC) No connection
7 GND Ground
8 RXIN0- - LVDS differential data input
9 RXIN0+ + LVDS differential data input
10 GND Ground
11 RXIN1- - LVDS differential data input
12 RXIN1+ + LVDS differential data input
13 GND Ground
14 RXIN2- - LVDS differential data input
15 RXIN2+ + LVDS differential data input
16 GND Ground
17 RXCLK- - LVDS differential clock input
18 RXCLK+ + LVDS differential clock input
19 GND Ground
20 RXIN3- - LVDS differential data input
21 RXIN3+ + LVDS differential data input
22 GND Ground
23 SDA(NC) No connection
24 SCL(NC) No connection
25 GND Ground
26 CS(NC) No connection
27 NC No connection
28 LVBIT(NC) No connection
29 NC No connection
30 GND Ground
31-32 LEDK Power for LED backlight (Cathode)
33-38 NC No connection
39-40 LEDA Power for LED backlight (Anode)


❤ Our specific datasheet can be provided! Just contact us by mail.




Operating 7

TFT LCD Workshop

TFT LCD Workshop


Operating 9


Q1. What is your product range?

A1: We are 10 years of experience manufacturing TFT LCD and touch screen.

►0.96" to 32" TFT LCD Module;

►High brightness LCD panel custom;

►Bar type LCD screen up to 48 inch;

►Capacitive touch screen up to 65";

►4 wire 5 wire resistive touch screen;

►One-step solution TFT LCD assemble with touch screen.

Q2: Can you custom the LCD or touch screen for me?

A2: Yes we can provide the customize services for all kinds of LCD screen and touch panel.

►For the LCD display,backlight brightness and FPC cable can be customized;

►For the touch screen,we can custom the whole touch panel like the color,shape,cover thickness and so on according to the customer's requirement.

►NRE cost will be refunded after the total quantity reaches 5K pcs.

Q3. Which applications your products are mainly used for?

►Industrial system,medical system,Smart home,intercom system,embedded system,automotive and etc.

Q4. What's the delivery time?

►For samples order,it is about 1-2weeks;

►For mass orders,it is about 4-6weeks.

Q5. Do you provide free samples?

►For first time cooperation,samples will be charged,the amount will be returned at the mass order stage.

►In regular cooperation,samples are free.Sellers keep the right for any change.

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  • As a TFT LCD manufacturer, we import mother glass from brands including BOE, INNOLUX, and HANSTAR, Century etc., then cut into small size in house, to assemble with in house produced LCD backlight by semi-automatic and fully-automatic equipment. Those processes contain COF(chip-on-glass), FOG(Flex on Glass) assembling, Backlight design and production, FPC design and production. So our experienced engineers have ability to custom the characters of the TFT LCD screen according to customer demands, LCD panel shape also can custom if you can pay glass mask fee, we can custom high brightness TFT LCD, Flex cable, Interface, with touch and control board are all available. About us

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