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What is the transflective LCD display?

Generally,screens are divided into:reflective,full-transmissive and transmissive/tramsflective according to the lighting method.

· Reflective screen:There is a reflective mirror on the back of the screen,which provides a light source for reading under sunlight and light.

Advantages:Excellent performance under strong light sources such as outdoor sunlight.

Shortcomings:Difficult to see or read in low or no light.

· Full-transmissive:There is no mirror on the back of the fully transparent screen,and the light source is provided by the backlight.

Advantages:Excellent reading ability in low light and no light.

Disadvantages:The backlight brightness is seriously insufficient in outdoor sunlight.Simply relying on increasing the brightness of the backlight will quickly lose power,and the effect is very unsatisfactory.

· The semi-reflective screen:It is to replace the mirror on the back of the reflective screen with a mirror reflective film,and the reflective film is a mirror when viewed from the front,and a transparent glass that can see through the mirror when viewed from the back,and a fully transparent backlight is added.

It can be said that the transflective screen is a hybrid of the reflective screen and the fully transparent screen.

The advantages of both are concentrated,and it has both the excellent reading ability of the reflective screen in outdoor sunlight,and the excellent reading ability of the fully transparent type in low light and no light.

transflective LCD

The characteristics of the transflective screen are: the backlight brightness automatically adapts to the outdoor environment.The stronger the outdoor sunlight,the stronger the backlight (sunlight) reflected by the reflective film.

No matter how strong the outdoor sunlight brightness is, the stronger the ambient light is, the stronger the reflected backlight will be.

Outdoors can be completely independent of additional backlighting equipment,so it saves a lot of power outdoors than a fully transparent screen,and the reading effect is much better.

sunlight readable LCD

Application Areas:

A.Aircraft display instrument:passenger aircraft, fighter aircraft, helicopter on-board display

B.Car display:car computer,GPS,smart meter,TV screen

C.High-end mobile phones

D.Outdoor instrument:handheld GPS, three-proof mobile phone

E.Portable computer:Three-Proof computer,UMPC,high-end MID,high-end tablet computer,PDA.

Some foreign big brands of high-end mobile phones,outdoor three-proof mobile phones, outdoor handheld GPS,handheld computers,UMPC,MID,high-end tablet and other high-end products all use this technology.

Such as Apple’s iphone,Apple Itouch,Apple’s ipad,high-end models of Nokia mobile phones, BlackBerry mobile phones,Hewlett-Packard and Dopod PDAs,Meizu M9 mobile phones,Gaoming, Magellan GPS and other products.


Post time: Dec-06-2022