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What is the difference between outdoor LCD screen requirements and indoor LCD screen?

General advertising machine in the outdoors, strong light, but also to withstand the wind, sun, rain and other adverse weather, so the requirements of outdoor LCD and general indoor LCD what is the difference?

High brightness LCD display


LCD screens require a backlight for a good display.However, there is a strong correlation between the brightness of the backlight and the brightness of the ambient light. If the ambient brightness is high. The backlight also needs to be high brightness; Otherwise, light scouring will occur, affecting the viewing effect of the displayed content. Therefore, the outdoor light is strong, and the outdoor LCD  generally needs to reach more than 1000nits, and higher brightness is required in special cases such as direct sunlight at noon. The indoor LCD screen is about 500nits, the brightness is already OK, too high brightness is not friendly to the human eye, and will cause problems such as excessive power consumption of the system.

2.power consumption

The main source of power consumption of LCD display is backlight. The higher the brightness of the backlight, the greater the power consumption of the LCD. Outdoor LCD screens  must ensure high brightness, which often leads to high power consumption. Generally, outdoor LCD screens of the same size consume about three times as much power as indoor LCD screens.

3.heat-dissipating method

Due to the large power consumption of outdoor LCD backlight, if the generated heat cannot be released, it will affect the display effect, and even affect the normal work of various components. The indoor display has less heat, and the required heat dissipation is not high.

4.intelligent control

Outdoor environments are highly variable, especially the intensity of ambient light, temperature, and humidity. Outdoor LCD screens can automatically adjust their brightness according to environmental changes. The indoor environment is relatively stable, so this function is not needed.

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Post time: Nov-11-2023