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What is the characteristics and application fields of LCD circular LCD screen?

LCD circular LCD screen -- as the name suggests, it is a circular LCD screen. Most of the LCD products we usually come into contact with are square or rectangular, and the circular screen is relatively few. But in recent years, with the change of people's aesthetic, circular LCD is also more and more used in various fields, more representative, such as smart watches, smart wall clocks, electric vehicle meters, car display meters and so on. Usually a relatively small size application scenario. Next, let's introduce the LCD of circular LCD screen in detail.

1.LCD circular LCD screen introduction
In fact, the display principle of the circular LCD screen and the conventional rectangular LCD screen is the same, but through the production technology of the liquid crystal glass and the adjustment of the screen parameters, so that the circular screen in the round state, can also be normal display. The key to the decisive factor is the design and formulation of the driving scheme, that is, how to build a good bridge between the circular LCD screen and the motherboard. Circular LCD screens are basically used in smart devices, and more attention is paid to the driver scheme and UI interface design scheme. Therefore, circular LCD is actually an innovative, intelligent, high-end LCD products. Display sizes are relatively small, commonly used 2.1 inches, 2.36 inches, 3.4 inches, 6.2 inches and so on. Circular LCD also has its own unique common faults, such as display screen arc around the screen, or around the arc of white light.

Below, take our mass-produced circular screen product DS0276BOE30T-002 as an example. Take a look at the shape and parameters of the circular LCD screen. This circular screen has a size of 2.76 (2.8) inches, a resolution of 480*480, and supports high brightness display and capacitive touch. It is mainly used in smart wearable, smart watch and other scenarios. Please see the table below for specific parameters.


2.The application field of LCD circular LCD screen
Circular LCD screen, divided into large size and small size, small size circular screen is more widely used, such as smart wearable, smart watch, smart wall clock, electric vehicle instrument, car display instrument, smart home appliances, smart handheld devices and so on. Large-size circular screens are also used, and the general size is more than 20 inches, such as new medical equipment, industrial equipment control, museum exhibition hall, enterprise meeting room, convergence media center, business places and so on.Please see the example diagram below.


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Post time: Feb-15-2023