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What interfaces do TFT LCD screens of different sizes have?

TFT liquid crystal display is a common intelligent terminal as a display window and an entrance for mutual interaction.

The interfaces of different smart terminals are also different. How do we judge which interfaces are available on TFT LCD screens?

In fact,the interface of TFT liquid crystal display is regular.Today,Disen will come to popularize science with you,about the interface rules of TFT LCD screens,and hope to help you in the selection of TFT LCD screens.

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1. What interface does the small size TFT LCD display have?

Small-sized TFT LCD screens generally refer to those below 3.5 inches,and the resolution of such small-sized TFT LCD screens is relatively low.

Therefore,the speed to be transmitted is relatively unnecessary to tell,so low-speed serial interfaces are used,generally including:RGB,MCU,SPI, etc.,which can be covered below 720P.

2. What interface does the medium-sized TFT LCD display have?

The general size of medium-sized TFT LCD screens includes between 3.5 inches and 10.1 inches.

The general resolution of medium-sized TFT LCD screens is also high resolution,so the transmission speed is relatively higher.

Common interfaces for medium-sized TFT LCD screens include MIPI,LVDS and EDP.

MIPI is relatively more used for vertical screens,LVDS is used more for horizontal screens,and EDP is generally used for TFT LCD screens with higher resolution.

3. Large size TFT LCD display

Large-size TFT LCD screens from 10 inches and above can be listed as one of them.

The interface types for large-scale general applications include: HDMI,VGA and so on.

And this type of interface is very standard.Generally,it can be used directly after plugging in, without conversion, and it is convenient and fast to use.

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