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What causes TFT LCD screen to flash screen?

TFT LCD screen is now used very widely,commonly used in the industrial field,the normal operation of industrial equipment does not open the stable performance of industrial display screen,so what is the cause of the industrial screen flash screen? Today,Disen will give you a popularization of the causes of the TFT LCD flash screen.


1-The frequency of the TFT LCD screen itself is too high to cause the flash screen,but in real life,the frequency is too high to cause the device flash screen.The technicians of Disen’s engineer introduced that people's naked eyes for more than 60hz screen is no flicker feeling,and the general design standards of LCD screen are basically maintained on this data, so under normal circumstances there will not be too high frequency,but at the same time does not rule out the fault of the screen itself.

But after the measurement of the relevant instruments is indeed the fault of the screen itself, in addition to replacing the new monochrome LCD screen is to design the software related to the equipment,the best way is to improve the IC OSC frequency,look at the flicker of the LCD screen.Of course,if the TFT LCD screen has separate row and column drivers,it can also be adjusted by setting the driver chip.

2-The TFT LCD screen and the light source frequency is similar to cause the flash screen,the occurrence of this situation is very common,because the frequency of different light sources is different,in some specific cases,LCD screen and artificial light source frequency is similar to flicker is more common.The above are giving you some of the common causes of TFT LCD flash screen,Hope this can help you.

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Post time: Nov-11-2022