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What are the characteristics of TFT LCD screen?

TFT technology can be regarded as our great invention in the 21st century.It was only widely used in the 1990s,It's not a simple technology,it's a bit complicated,it's the foundation of tablet display.The following Disen to introduce the characteristics of TFT LCD screen:

TFT LCD screen1

1.Low Power Consumption

The biggest feature of TFT is low power consumption,and it does not require much voltage,so it is very power-saving.In addition,its size is very small,flat structure,and it does not need to take up too much space,it is very suitable for POS machines,mobile phones,children's watches and so on.

TFT has a variety of models and sizes to be applied to different products,there are 1inch,1.5inch,5.5inch,2.4inch,5inch,3.2inch,10.4inch,55inch TFT screen,etc.If you have other needs,Disen Display also supports a custom development service.

2.Green and Environmental Protection

TFT It does not pollute the environment and it does not say that it is harmful to human body,such as radiation X-rays,these are not available,so it can be used to replace the existing paper books,and it can realize long-distance digital dissemination,with rich and diverse content.

3.It can work normally at different temperatures

TFT LCD screen,as long as it is a temperature environment that people can feel,the TFT LCD screen can work normally,it can be used normally from -20℃ to +50℃.If it exceeds the range between -20°C and +50°C,then additional customization is required.

4.Automated production can be achieved

Now there are professional TFT LCD screen production machines,basically all of which can achieve automated production,we only need to configure some employees,you can mass production.Mass shipments can meet the production needs of most customers.

5.TFT LCD screen is easy to integrate and supports customization and replacement

It itself is a technology that combines semiconductor technology and optical technology,and it is updated quickly. In the future,it still has a very large development potential and room for optimization. 

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Post time: Nov-11-2022