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TFT LCD vs Super AMOLED:Which Display Technology Is Better?

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With the development of the times,display technology is also increasingly innovative,our smart phones,tablets,laptops,TVs,media players,smart wears white goods and other appliances with displays have many display options,such as LCD, OLED, IPS, TFT, SLCD, AMOLED, ULED and other display technologies that we often hear.Next we will focus on two more common display technologies,TFT LCD and AMOLED,to compare their differences and which technology is better.


7inch TFT LCD display


TFT LCD refers to thin film transistor liquid crystal display,which is one of the most liquid crystal displays.TFT LCD has several different types, which can be classified as TN, IPS, VA, etc. Since TN displays cannot compete with AMOLED in terms of display quality, we use IPS TFT for comparison.


Super Amoled


OLED means Organic Light Emitting Diode, and there are also several types of OLEDs, which can be divided into PMOLED (Passive Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode) and AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode). Similarly, we have also selected here to compare the better performance of Super AMOLED and IPS TFT. 

Light Source It requires a LED/CCFL backlight It emits own light, self-illuminating
Thickness Thicker because of the backlight Very slim profile
Viewing Angles IPS TFT with viewing angles up to 178 degrees Wider viewing angle
Colors Less vibrant because it uses a backlight to illuminate the pixels More accurate, more pure and true  because each pixel on an AMOLED screen emits its own light
Response Time Longer Shorter
Refresh Rate Lower Higher and can display images more quickly and smoothly
Sunlight Readable Easily and low cost to get by using high brightness backlight, transflective displays, optical bonding and surface treatment Needs to drive hard and difficult
Power Consumption Higher because the pixels on a TFT screen are always illuminated by the backlight Less power because the pixels on an AMOLED screen only light up when they need to
Life Time Longer Shorter, especially affected by the presence of water
Availability Widely available on different sizes and many manufacturers to choose from At present, it is not possible to achieve mass production of large-sized screens, and is mostly used for cell phones and other portable products

On the issue of AMOLED and IPS which is better,the benevolent see the wisdom of the wise. For users whether it is IPS screen or AMOLED screen, as long as it can bring a good visual experience is a good screen.

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Post time: Nov-03-2022